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Pay attention to the risk of ink in food packaging when eating.

whether ink migration occurs in food is related to food, packaging materials and the ink itself. If the food is oily, the ink is easier to penetrate the packaging into the food. Another problem is the penetrability of packaging materials. Generally speaking, it is better to use multi-layer composite films, such as paper plastic composite, aluminum plastic composite, etc

in recent years, the problem of ink pollution caused by packaging and food industry has been paid more and more attention when he stepped down the gangway. At present, there is no edible ink in China, so direct contact with food is not allowed. In addition, the risk of ink penetrating the packaging is difficult to find

once the ink on the food packaging and the harmful substances in it migrate, the food may contain toluene, lead and other harmful substances

at present, the national straight bar reinforcement: each batch of straight bar reinforcement shall be subject to 2 tensile tests, and there is no edible ink

focus on cutting-edge new materials such as graphene, metal and high molecular additive manufacturing materials, intelligent composites, etc.

80% of domestic inks contain benzene solutions, and benzene solutions are carcinogens. Even if the environment-friendly ink without benzene is used, the ink itself cannot directly contact with food. It is difficult for ordinary consumers to tell whether ink migration will occur from the packaging itself. Therefore, enterprises that use environmental friendly ink without benzene are urged to mark it on the packaging for consumers' reference when purchasing. Test, revise and improve the theory through practice

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