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In today's home decoration market, because of its easy replacement and rich colors, the wall cloth can more conveniently reflect the style of space. The wall cloth has different styles. The wall cloth with different colors represents different styles, and different styles reflect different personalities

American rural style

American Rural attaches great importance to the natural comfort of life, which abandons tediousness and luxury. It has both the beautiful shape of classicism and the complete function of neoclassicism. The colors of furniture in this style are mainly natural colors. The colors of the room are generally green and earthy brown, and the excellent elements in different styles are collected and integrated. Whether it is heavy furniture or accessories with vicissitudes of time, it is showing people the comfort and freedom of life

selection elements of wall cloth: nature, design and color

modern simple style

modern simple style is characterized by simple and smooth lines, trendy, concise, generous, etc. common patterns are composed of circles, boxes, vertical bars, curves, asymmetric lines, geometric figures or abstract patterns. The simple style wall cloth represents the pursuit of young people for exquisite home life at present, giving people a feeling of being free and easy and avant-garde

selection elements of wall cloth: simple and fashionable

neoclassical style

the perfect combination of classical and modern. Under the norms of traditional aesthetics, it uses modern materials and techniques to interpret the classic essence of traditional culture. It not only has elegant and dignified temperament, but also has obvious characteristics of the times

selection elements of wall cloth: noble, elegant and comfortable

New Chinese style

the interpretation of Chinese traditional style culture in the current era. The complex and cumbersome decoration is condensed into more subtle and elegant, and the hard lines are matched with gentle and soft decoration, injecting classical beauty into simple and practical modern design. The new Chinese style is not a pile of pure elements, but a combination of modern elements and traditional elements through the understanding of traditional culture, so as to create things full of traditional charm with the aesthetic needs of modern people

selection elements of wall cloth: nostalgic, exquisite, Chinese elements

European pastoral style

European pastoral style pays attention to beautiful lines and soft colors. The sofa with unique shape, the cloth art of small broken flowers, fireplace, wall lamp and other accessories strive to create a warm, comfortable and gorgeous feeling. European rural style is also divided into English rural style and French rural style

"natural, comfortable, environmentally friendly, refreshing" French pastoral style, a large number of cloth art and decorations with floral patterns, complement the elegant outline of French furniture and exquisite chandeliers. Common patterns include special bricks and stones, square grids, flower patterns, vertical stripes, etc

Mediterranean style

the free and unrestrained nature of Mediterranean people strives for spacious design and visually penetrating colors in their living environment. Arches and hollow walls are used to create a sense of visual penetration, and make the space have an extended effect. The azure coast and white sand beach of Spain, the white village of Greece, the golden yellow of sunflowers in southern Italy flowing in the sun, and the blue purple aroma of lavender in southern France, all of which shape the dream of the Mediterranean

wall cloth selection elements: bright, romantic, light color

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