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In order to better publicize Kefan's corporate culture, establish a good corporate image, and create a corporate brand image with cultural connotation, the inaugural issue of red Kefan was published in March 2017. "Red Kefan" adheres to the idea of passing on the corporate culture, advocates the concept of "all staff running the journal", faces employees, dealers and other readers, provides a stage for employees to show their talents, and enhances the cohesion of the enterprise

Lin Tao, chairman of Kefan customization, placed high hopes on "red Kefan" and personally wrote the inaugural speech. He said that in the second decade of Kefan's establishment, the birth of "red Kefan" has special significance. Red symbolizes the revolutionary spirit of the Communist Party of China, the passionate fighting spirit of the people's Liberation Army, and the firm faith of soldiers. Our main color of Kefan is also red, which perfectly matches the revolutionary spirit of red. Now is an important period for the development of Kefan. We should learn from the spirit of the Red Army together. Like the Red Army in those days, we should have the heroic spirit of "the Red Army is not afraid of the difficulties of expeditions, and thousands of rivers and mountains are only at leisure", and show you our style of Kefan with practical actions. Firmly believe that as long as the direction is correct, we will never be afraid of the long way to go. "Red Kefan" is to condense the high fighting spirit of Kefan people, show our good image of Kefan and the energetic spirit of Kefan people

"red Kefan" is rich in content and readable. It is divided into several sections: enter Kefan, record major events of the company, and let all employees pay attention to the dynamics of the company at all times; Information world, including industry trends, internal party building work, enterprise public welfare, etc; The new product column shows the latest design new products of Kefan, so that readers can have a look; New store style, display the latest store image and set a benchmark; Staff style, Kefan people can share interesting things around them, write notes and practice, and express their feelings about life and work. The members of the editorial board of "red Kefan" come from Kefan's internal functional departments, and most of the manuscript content is written by the manuscript. The purpose is to be able to fully participate, at the same time, tap talents and participate

in the early stage, red Kefan focuses on promoting enterprise events, and in the later stage, employees are encouraged to plan independently, increase various information contents, and place sharing experience in an important position. "Red Kefan" solicits contributions from employees and Kefan families every month. The content of the contributions is positive and healthy, with unlimited themes. We look forward to your active participation and sharing of life and work

"red Kefan" is a bridge of communication internally, a window of publicity externally, and a high flag. Starting from the founding issue, it gives full play to its unique charm and the role of window, bridge and flag, and transmits positive energy and passionate morale for Kefan people! We are willing to work together with all Kefan people to learn and make progress together, write a new chapter in Kefan and create a more brilliant legend

with fellow believers, do extraordinary things with an ordinary mind. I wish "red Kefan" better and better

[about Kefan customization]

as a government starlight enterprise, Kefan customization thrives under the care of all walks of life, and its development momentum cannot be underestimated. It has won the design Oscar "German red dot award", German if award and other awards, and enjoys the reputation of "top ten brands of Wardrobe" and "top ten brands of Wardrobe". At present, Kefan has more than 600 franchised stores across the country, providing intimate whole house customized furniture services for large, medium and small customers





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