The 12 most common decoration traps

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Decoration 12 traps

trap 1: the construction process is not clear with you at all, trying to cut corners on work and materials. Crack: words without foundation, everything should be written in the contract

trap 2: cheat money directly on the unit area. Crack: all the areas are measured by yourself

trap 3: the quotation comes back, and the hands and feet are different every time. Crack: compare and check the corresponding terms item by item in person

trap 4: provide inferior quality when the materials enter the site Product cracking: take the contract and quotation with you to check and accept with the supervisor

trap 5: advanced and good materials let you check and accept in order to deceive you. Cracking: appear on the construction site irregularly, Avoid that the decoration foreman finds out your time rule

trap 6: the workers have no work license, and the construction quality is rough. Crack: we must ask professional workers to do professional things

trap 8: the decoration company will always persuade the owners to do more carpentry. Crack: ask experienced people to help you look at the quotation

trap 7: the foreman will let you increase the project and increase the budget at will. Crack: the owners adhere to the principle, don't be too soft

trap 9 : workers will always send you to buy this and buy that crack: it is best to leave an invoice or receipt after each purchase

trap 10: sell the so-called “ without the consent of the owner; Waste ” Crack: when selling things, you must say hello to the owner. This is the rule

trap 11: when the decoration company asks for the medium-term payment in advance to sign the contract, it's best to limit the foreman through money

trap 12: destroy the decoration alliance front of the owner. In the decoration, your family should first unify the principle




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