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If you are Yan Kong, please stay. If you are not, you can also see that I am waiting for like-minded people to hope. That person is you. I am Yan Kong and strength school

if you are Yan Kong, please stay

if you are not, you can also see that I am waiting for like-minded people

hope. That person is you

I am Yan Kong and strength school

in this era of pursuing uniqueness and self, Beauty is definitely a very important thing. Admit it! Who is not a Yan Kong these days! Yan Kong is definitely not "beyond the Golden Jade, among the losers", but strives for perfection, pursues quality, and does not lose face

a Hermes bag

needs a craftsman to sew it on the carefully selected leather

with double horse riding nail stitches for 72 hours

the margin difference of each stitch must be less than 1 mm

a pair of comfortable loafers

needs to be beaten on the Cordoba horse skin at least 600 times to make it fit the foot shape

a beautiful door and window

needs up to 45 days of craftsmanship

. make the details and quality to the extreme, The ultimate pursuit of quality and exquisite craftsmanship are the essence of these century old brands. For everyone, quality is also the soul of a brand, and the tireless pursuit of quality has made one classic after another. Although Yanhe is not a century old brand, it has created exquisite homes with the same ingenuity details

today, let's talk about the appearance of the new favorite aluminum wood doors and windows in the high-end door and window market. What kind of sparks will the ingenious collision between metal and wood produce

aluminum wood doors and windows is a frame body that retains the characteristics and functions of solid wood doors and windows, and is also compounded with heat-insulating aluminum alloy through mechanical methods

aluminum and wood are connected by polymer nylon pieces, which fully takes into account the different properties of wood and metal shrinkage coefficients. It is not only waterproof and moisture-proof, but also not easy to deform. It is suitable for balcony, kitchen, bathroom and other environments that will accumulate water

aluminum wood doors and windows can embody the "wood" culture in door and window products. It greatly improves the grade of the building and reflects a good visual effect. Because of this, aluminum doors and windows are also suitable for bedrooms, study rooms, living rooms and other places with strong cultural atmosphere

improve the grade and connotation

aluminum wood doors and windows perfectly combine modern technology, high-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship, have rich artistic connotation, rigid outside and soft inside, and realize the perfect unity of decoration and practicality

provide an elegant and comfortable environment

aluminum wood doors and windows can not only guide the scenery, ventilation, diversion, lighting, heat insulation, sound insulation, heat preservation, but also coordinate the furnishings of the interior, reflect the functions and characteristics of each room, create a personalized home atmosphere with natural integration between indoor and outdoor, return to natural natural wood, and have great affinity

choose a good brand of aluminum and wood doors and windows

in fact, aluminum alloy and solid wood materials are very expensive, the threshold is high, and the manufacturing process of doors and windows is also various. There are high requirements on the manufacturing process, and the yield of good quality in the market is very low. Therefore, when choosing aluminum and wood doors and windows, you should carefully choose the brand and seller of aluminum and wood doors and windows

all your fantasies about aluminum wood should not only be satisfied with its appearance, but also pay attention to its quality. Yanhe doors and windows aluminum wood is not only a beauty control, but also a strength school

in fact, aluminum wood is not the only thing that makes Yanhe doors and windows perfect. His every door and every window meet the reverie of aesthetics and realize the pursuit of technology

when you wait and see, he is a selfie

when you test, it is the technology flow

if you are both "Yan Kong" and "strength school",

we will always meet in Yanhe beautifully

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