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Due to the influence of various factors, we have to consider buying a house close to the company or the school of ion girls. However, due to the rising house prices, buying a new house in a location with superior geographical location and convenient transportation will inevitably bring a lot of economic burden to some people. At this time, buying a second-hand house or an old house will become the best choice for these people. The price of second-hand houses and old houses is not expensive, but because they have been built for a long time, the facilities inside are inevitably old, and the bathroom also has the phenomenon of narrow space and unreasonable functional arrangement

at present, house prices are soaring, and many people will choose second-hand houses or old houses. For second-hand houses or some old houses, it will inevitably bring about the phenomenon of unreasonable layout and incomplete functions of toilets. Compared with the blank room, the re rectification of the bathroom of the old house is still very troublesome. Then, where should we start with the decoration of the bathroom of the old house? How to decorate the bathroom of the old house? What are the precautions for the decoration of the bathroom in the old house? Don't worry, now I've sorted out some knowledge about the bathroom decoration of old houses for you, hoping to help friends with this need

old house bathroom decoration skills

first, reasonable layout of

basins, toilets, showers& ldquo; Three big pieces ” The basic layout method is to set from low to high: that is, from the bathroom door, gradually go deep. Among them, the most ideal layout is that the washing table faces the toilet door, and the toilet is close to its side, and the shower room is set at the innermost end. This is the most scientific in terms of use, function and aesthetics

experts remind: if you choose the layout of dry and wet zones, you must separate the washbasin, toilet and channel from the bathing area, and try to reasonably arrange the location of washbasin and toilet on the premise of ensuring the channel

second, strengthen daylighting

bright daylighting makes people feel the improvement of space, and dim light makes people feel that the space is narrow. Lighting is not very good, because we start with lighting

experts remind: it is difficult to change the opening of windows, which can enhance the indoor lighting. The partition and sliding door between the bathroom and other indoor spaces can be made of frosted glass, painted glass, single-sided glass and other glass materials

third, make good use of corners

reasonable planning of corner space can maximize the use value and improve the artistry of the home environment. The most suitable place for arranging some functional areas, such as washbasin, toilet and locker

experts remind: for example, you can put the usually flat washbasin and toilet on the diagonal position of the bathroom, and the middle space is used for shower. The advantage of this arrangement is that it can not only increase the visual sense of space, but also increase the comfort of the shower

common problems in toilet decoration of old houses

first, floor drain

Problem Description:

floor drain backwater; Cause analysis of water leakage and odor leakage in pipes:

1. The hydropower workers in the decoration company are lazy, and put the washing basin, mop bucket, washing machine and other sewage into one place to form a connector. Once several pipes are discharged at the same time, the water flow is too rapid, which is very easy to cause bottlenecks and backwater

2. The seepage level of the floor drain is not reserved, resulting in the backflow of residual gas in the pipeline and the generation of odor

3. Improper use, hair and other debris blocking the sewer


1. Rearrange the sewer pipeline, separate the standby pipeline, and conduct diversion

2. At the same time, do a good job in the floor drain trap to prevent the occurrence of odor backflow

3. Use the sewer dredger to dredge physically, or purchase chemicals such as pipe dredger to dredge

required auxiliary materials: cement, yellow sand, etc

II. Door

Problem Description:

sliding door deformation and falling; Door pocket, door frame and skirting line are moldy and deformed; The track falls off and cannot be pulled

cause analysis:

1. It is caused by dampness, which may also be caused by moths

2. Disrepair or improper use


1. If the guide rail is deformed, replace the guide rail directly

2. If the pulley is damaged, directly replace the pulley (it is recommended that the decoration company find the manufacturer to replace it, because the relevant accessories are quite different)

3. The door pocket can be repainted and renovated. Required auxiliary materials:

III. ceiling

Problem Description:

fading, aging, mildew

cause analysis:

in the bathroom, the above situation is inevitable after a long time of steam fumigation


1. Plastic ceiling only has a service life of about 10 years. It is recommended to replace it with aluminum gusset plate ceiling

2. The aluminum gusset ceiling shall be partially or completely replaced according to the actual situation

required auxiliary materials: suspenders, suspenders, keels, corner lines, etc

IV. toilet

Problem Description:

toilet leaks water and odor

cause analysis:

1. The toilet is not installed in place, and the flange is not aligned with the fecal pipe

2. The sealing of the pipe joint is not in place

3. The height of toilet water seal is not enough, which leads to the backflow of residual gas in the pipeline and produces odor


1. Turn up the toilet and reinstall it (pay attention to the position of the flange during installation, which must be aligned with the fecal pipe)

2. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the water storage and water seal height of the toilet, so as to prevent the backflow of toilet odor

required auxiliary materials: flange, hose, angle valve, etc

editor's summary: the above is a common introduction to the relevant knowledge of the toilet decoration precautions of old houses. I hope to help friends with this need! If you need more relevant information, please continue to follow our website, and more wonderful content will be presented in the future




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