How much does it cost to decorate 100 square meter

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Ms. Li, who lives in Wuchang, asked how much it costs to decorate 100 square meters in Wuhan? At present, the number of Wuhan decoration companies on the market is indeed large, but the good and bad are mixed, and the quotation is also very different. Therefore, for the decoration budget of a 100 square meter house, the lowest quotation of some companies may be 50000 to 60000 yuan, and some may be from 100000 yuan. Some prices may be lower than the two. This requires the owner to have a certain ability to distinguish. After all, the low price is not necessarily the best. Because there is a certain discrepancy in the quotation of decoration materials. In this way, the owners will feel cheated and the gains will not pay off

how much is the decoration budget of a 100 square meter house? According to some professional and regular Wuhan decoration companies, houses with an area of 100 square meters are generally replaced, including white scraping, tiling, installation of sanitary wares, lamps, doors, etc. However, the cost of tiles, toilets, lamps, switches, sanitary wares and doors is not included in the decoration cost




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