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Brief analysis on the development of its technology

automobile positioning and navigation system, including GPS should adopt the rapid cooling global (or regional) satellite positioning system vehicle receiving technology, LCD, plastic optical cable, CD-ROM drive, disk and other hardware technologies, electronic map technology, etc. GPS uses artificial satellite positioning system to cover the whole world. It can provide three-dimensional position, three-dimensional speed and time for vehicles all day without blindness. Combined with electronic map, it can provide positioning and navigation for vehicles

the on-board communication system can judge the position of the fleet and track the transported goods through remote communication

it is reported that

radar automatic ranging (distance between front and rear obstacles) and automobile auto drive system can judge the distance between front and rear vehicles and road obstacles through radar, various sensors and communication facilities, and realize automatic tracking and driving of vehicles through automatic driving devices

current situation and development trend at home and abroad

parameter setting: sample length, width and thickness can be set

the idea of GPS research in the United States began in the 1960s, and the second generation of GPS was built in the United States in the early 1990s. The system includes 24 satellites (21 for main use and 3 for standby), which can provide three-dimensional position, speed Time and other information and a full set of high-precision positioning system with continuous 24-hour, 24-hour and 24-hour global service. GPS provides the basis for the intelligent transportation system technology of automobile. At the same time, mobile communication technology and highway traffic information infrastructure are also constantly improving, which has promoted the rapid development of its technology. At present, the vehicle positioning and navigation system, vehicle communication service system, traffic command system, etc. have been applied in many areas, and the intelligent highway to realize automatic vehicle driving is being researched and developed

the development and research of GPS positioning in China started late. The national seismological system has established GPS global positioning mapping in the past two years. The contents of intelligent urban traffic management using GPS include: acquisition of real-time traffic flow and other information at major urban intersections, real-time dynamic traffic distribution, selection of the best route for travelers, navigation and positioning of vehicles by using differential GPS and on-board electronic map system to realize traffic flow guidance, etc. Cars equipped with electronic maps have appeared in big cities such as Beijing, Shenzhen and Guangzhou

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