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Chongqing Huiyuan mining equipment business department

Chongqing Huiyuan mining equipment business department was established in Chongqing in August 2000. Main business: Sales of engineering equipment, mining equipment and materials

Huiyuan mining equipment is mainly engaged in special equipment and materials for coal mine and special equipment and materials for engineering. It has always been based on the principle of "being urgent for customers, making small profits and quick sales". The sales volume in the first half of the year reached 50.6 billion yuan, and the service concept of putting it into practice is to cultivate a professional service team to reassure customers! Good quality, safe and reliable, let customers rest assured! Use the fastest speed to deliver the equipment customers want in the process of plastic product production scalability, so as to save customers' worry

through our efforts, we have been recognized and supported by our customers. In the future development, we hope to get the presence and guidance of new and old customers and cooperation in various ways, so as to make Huiyuan mining equipment better

business scope:

emulsion pump, emulsion, high-pressure pipe and accessories, gas drainage pump, gas drainage pipe, hydraulic prop, friction prop, hinged top beam, air compressor, rock drill, shotcrete machine, hydraulic drilling rig, scraper, belt conveyor, generator set, sand crawler, winch, miner's lamp, charging rack, fan, air duct, mining cable, Tang porcelain chute, explosion-proof switch, diesel, battery locomotive, quick solidification, miner's steel Steel rail, anchor bolt, anchoring agent, labor protection articles, drill bit, drill pipe and steel wire rope




Contact: Liu Qinwen

address: No. 20, c3-zone, high tech Electromechanical market, Jiulongpo District, Chongqing


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