A man in Changzhou stole 55 rolls of cloth worth m

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A man in Changzhou stole 55 rolls of cloth worth more than 100000 in order to repay his gambling debt

because he was unable to repay his 20000 yuan gambling debt, the man thought of a garment enterprise that had previously talked about cloth recycling business. Since January 2016, the man entered the warehouse of the enterprise for three times and stole finished cloth one by one. Until he was caught by the police, the man has stolen 55 rolls of finished cloth, worth more than 100000 yuan

since January this year, the Diaozhuang police station of Tianning branch of Changzhou Public Security Bureau has successively received an alarm from an enterprise under its jurisdiction that the finished cloth stacked in the warehouse has been stolen. After a period of Mopai investigation, the minhaoba police reduced the volume expansion caused by internal oxidation and found that a car parked near the enterprise was very suspicious. The car haunted in the middle of the night. Every time it came empty and left full. The police judged that Zhou, who was driving the vehicle, was suspected of committing a crime

the police learned from the person in charge of the enterprise that Zhou had done cloth recycling business before and came to the enterprise to discuss cooperation. However, due to price differences, the cooperation between the two sides finally ran aground. Subsequently, it is especially suitable for the police in the screen and flashlight pool to wait and ambush in the enterprise warehouse. In the early morning of February 20, as soon as Zhou appeared, he was arrested by the police on the spot

Zhou confessed that he owed 20000 yuan in gambling debt. In order to repay the debt, he had to take risks. In January this year, he found a broken hole in the wall of the industrial park. The hole drilled through the wall was a vegetable field, and the other end of the vegetable field was the outer wall of the garment enterprise. Coincidentally, there are abandoned iron shelves next to the external wall of the enterprise. Zhou used these iron shelves to climb over the wall and enter the warehouse for theft

at present, the suspect Zhou has been criminally detained by the police

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